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Jennifer McGregor

25 years experience in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


  • Governance, Marketing & Sales Plans
  • Branding, Strategy & ROI Analysis
  • MC&IT Markets, Travel Trade, B2B, B2C
  • Events, Tradeshow & Sales Calls
  • FAM Tour: Research, Organization & Execution

About Me

I like to tell everyone that I was born into the industry.  I started tour guiding and attending tradeshows with my Dad since I was 15 years old.  My family owned  tour companies providing tour services world-wide as well as receptive services in Canada.

Knowing I love this business, I received a tourism and hospitality degree from Niagara College and a Bachelor of arts degree focusing on marketing and languages in university.

Once I graduated and took some time travelling the world, I realized what a gem Niagara Falls is and how lucky I am to live here.  I decided that I wanted to market tourism to Niagara Falls and show the world just how special Niagara Falls and Canada is.  Shortly after, I joined Niagara Falls Tourism as their Travel Trade Marketing Manager.

I have represented the Niagara Tourism Industry for over 20 years, organizing events, tradeshows and sales calls for both the B2B and B2C markets specializing in the travel trade and MC&IT markets all over the world.  Working closely with all levels of government ensuring that Niagara was properly represented and advertised.

I left Niagara for a bit to implement a sales department at the Art Gallery on Ontario following its $276 million dollar renovation.  After their grand re-opening the sales department quickly brought in millions of dollars of new sales and new markets to the AGO.  I am still a great lover of art and Toronto to this day.

Returning to Niagara Falls Tourism, I continued to curate tourism through some of the toughest times as well hosting major travel trade events, like OMCA and Rendez-vous Canada.

As Director of Sales for HOCO ltd., a company that provides entertainment through attractions and restaurants, I created new programs and new markets for them, tripling their sales in the first 3 years.

I look forward to helping you find new ways to do business and reaching new markets in a sustainable way for your business, no project is to big to or to small, as every step creates a change.  Together we can unleash alternative strategies to build sales.

Thank you for your time,
President, Strategy